The handmade Gelato ice cream made daily in our laboratory, significantly different from the industrialized ice cream.

In the preparation of the Gelato stirred at slower speeds than the ice cream and therefore captures less air. The result is the Gelato have 50% less air from the ice cream industry. Very important because we achieve a creamy and soft texture. The customer enjoys a structured product properly and not dilute composition.

The Gelato served at -14 degrees Celsius. It is warmer than the industrial ice cream is served from -18 up to -22 degrees Celsius. This gives the advantage of faster melting in the mouth without leaving a feeling of freezing, giving a creamy delight.

An important difference is the fat content. The Gelato containing 4% -8%, while the industrial ice by 10% – 35%.

The obvious difference however is that the handmade Gelato prepared by fresh milk and pure raw materials, allowing a product-filled nutrient limited expiry date, in contrast to the manufactured ice cream which is not merely an industrial product.